Here's the latest on the fridge front.

Since last Tuesday saw my city trying to avoid drowning (including a good 4-6" of water in my own basement) the CSA was rescheduled to Thursday. Some veggies survived the floods...Collapse )

I think I'm going to have to clear out another cabinet to store the canned goods. They are multiplying. But I love the feeling of comfort and security that I get from the neat lines of glass jars. Along with my stash of dried legumes they form a critical part of my pantry. Oddly enough these are two things that make me feel safe from starvation. The fact that I have about six sources of food within walking distance from my home means nothing to my subconcious mind. Knowing that I can crack open a jar of homemade jam or spend all day boiling up some chickpeas? That does it for me. Add in that canning allows me to play with so many flavors and textures (well, as I get more brave with my attempts!) and it's rapidly becoming one of my favorite ways to spend my time. Although it is hard, hot work, and rather exhausting. It somehow seems worth it when I have my breakfast toast with plum jam. :D


Weekly harvest

Ok - so here's what I's got! 

Potatoes, basil, red cabbage (size of a volleyball!), Green Bell Peppers, yellow squash, green beans, more beets aaaaand.....Sweet Corn! 

I know, hard to believe there's corn already. I'm stoked. Cheese was a colby and a gouda. Mmmm..... and the standard dozen eggs of happiness.

Extras from working the market - red tomatoes, a white tomato, an asian melon (smells like honeydew), and lots of peaches.

And I got an armful of sunflowers. Literally a dozen stems I think. They were destined for the garbage, since many were losing petals and are generally a little "rougher" than can be sold. So they are in a vase prettying up the place. Pictures tomorrow when there's sunlight.

So what have I eaten this week? Shalimar mattar paneer and Thai Smile green curry. *sigh* Tomorrow, must cook.

Anyone have any good recipes for red cabbage? :D

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Nice day at the Farmer's Market yesterday. I know you are all anxiously awaiting my report, so here you go!

It was a nice heavy box this time - more new potatoes, three huge yellow onions, a few green tomatoes, one really huge deeply curved asian cucumber (yes, we made pervy jokes about that one), nice deep red round beets with greens attached, another hunk of basil, and some mustard greens from the cool refugee agricultural project. But the real score was peaches. I got five or six perfectly ripe, wonderfully fragrant peaches. I will have one on my cereal this morning for breakfast. Mmmhmmm. From my extra work I got several gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and a bunch of pickling cucumbers. I want to make myself some relish. Also grabbed a little baggie of fresh chives and some Italian roasting peppers. Oh, and one skinny little deep purple eggplant.

Last week the cheese share was a gorgeous smooth Havarti and some seriously pungent blue cheese. I like the blue, although husbeast does not. :) I've been working it in little bits into things. A bit sprinkled on my scrambled eggs, a little tossed into my share of the pasta for dinner. Yum. Havarti is all gone. It did not last long at all. Delicious.

So, I still have a dozen eggs, and the blue cheese that himself does not want to eat. Lots of summer squash in various forms. I'm still pondering what to do as menu items this week. I have some thoughts, but still not sure, I'm open to suggestions! The beets will likely be a lunch for me one day.

Mustard/beet greens and potatoes and cornbread.
Purple stir fry - I'm debating this one. I have red cabbage from last week and the eggplant from this week, so I'm thinking they'd look cool together in something. And I have lots of summer squash still that can go into a stir fry.
BLTs and tomato soup
inevitable zuchinni fritatta w/ cucumber/tomato salad
hot pepper & fresh tomato pizza

What else sounds good with these ingredients?

This week in food

Ok, sorry, I skipped a week. Sorry about that. My AC went out Thursday night and we slogged through one of the hottest weekends this year without modern infrastructure to survive it. So I did not feel like cooking. Heck, I didn't feel like eating. I slept, showered, lounged under a fan, slept, showered, went outside to praise the setting of the sun, and slept some more. So much of what I got in last week's box is still in the fridge. :)
But, things got better!Collapse )
Oh, and lunch today - open face BLTs. Toasted English muffin, mayo, veggie bacon, Parmesan, basil and thick slices of tomato. Yum.

Know thyself....

So, a bit back rohmie mused that I was likely a fellow NT on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Turns out he was right. :)Want to know more?Collapse )

So, kinda cool. Especially since this was part of a career exploration it helped me sort out a little bit about why certain parts of certain jobs make me grumpy. Although no matter what any test tells me I might be good at, I refuse to go into sales. Sorry universe, I have other plans for those talents. :D

I'll also put up a post about what I got in my CSA box and what I've been doing with it all. Here's your teaser - home made blueberry and apricot syrups. Yeah. It's been that good.



Ok, since there's no news on the job front (yet another rejection email! Yippe! See how hard it is to get excited about that?) I thought I'd talk about what has been cool. Food. When my life gets out of control I tend to start cooking.

I picked up a volunteer gig with my new CSA this season (www.grashoppersdistribution.com). Yes, I've been sampling CSAs like restaurants although it's a much slower process since each one represents a growing season and a bad CSA is not necessarily the farmer's fault. That being said I'm becoming quite the connoisseur actually. I can tell weather difficulties from organizational difficulties now, and I'm recognizable in most of the farmer's markets in my area of town. This is a good thing, it usually means better veggies. :D

This CSA is the first one who gave me a rebate with my dinner though, so I'm fond of them so far. The volunteering is going to knock a hefty percentage off my total costs by the end of the season in exchange for 2 hours a week passing out shares. Always a happy thing. And being a distributer they have a broader selection of products. In addition to the weekly box of veggies I get a pound of cheese and a dozen eggs every other week. Yum. So far the cheese has been stellar.

So, I had the bright idea of recording some of what I do with all this produce here. One of the fun things about this process for me is having someone else do my grocery shopping. I get a share of whatever was harvested this week, so I have a sense of what I'm going to get (do not look for pumpkins in June, you will be very sad. But not as sad as wishing for asparagus in October) but the exact details are a mystery until I get the box. This makes menu planning an adventure. So put on your khaki pants and let's see what was in the box:Open the box!Collapse )

Everything turned out delicious, and the crepes made me feel like a Real Chef. Next time I might even remember to take pictures!


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Just a random post to let you know I'm alive. I seem to be back on the insomnia kick, or maybe it's just my preferred sleep schedule reasserting itself now that the alarm clock is optional. As in, yes, it is 3 am and my body shows no signs of being ready for sleep. I did the same thing last night/morning, and slept until about 11:30am today. I need to not do this, since it will make it that much harder when the alarm clock re-establishes itself as cruel master.

No job yet, but I have been told in no uncertain terms that recent graduates have three months before they become unemployed. I'll accept the transition time with gratitude and grace. I am looking, I have a fair number of apps out, and about three versions of a semi-targeted resume that can be tweaked as needed for specific jobs. If nothing pans out soon I'll pick up some temp work or something just to keep the house running. Data entry may not be the most intellectually engaging activity, but it does pay the bills and gives me time to scheme on other things.

D and I both got terrible colds, mine knocked me on my butt for almost a week. Which might also explain the lack of sleepiness now. I slept for about three days non-stop in the middle there. Some of it is also likely the stir crazy which comes from being in the house so much. I did go out to be social on Friday and Saturday, which were both good. But still, I miss you. Sorry I haven't been talkative lately, some of it is defensive. I can't piss anyone off if I don't talk. I can't hurt anyone's feelings by being quiet. Since those I love know I love them, the lack of news merely implies no change. Which is pretty accurate really. :)