Something Clever (digitaldurga) wrote,
Something Clever

Cookie 3

Today I finished up all but the last batch of cookies I had prepped. I may throw the dough and filling for the orange pistachio crescents into the freezer to make some other time. I have plenty of cookies and the idea of rolling, cutting and shaping just doesn't thrill me. So today I finished:
  • Grasshopper bars - did the white chocolate peppermint ganache and the dark chocolate ganache, in the fridge hardening.
  • Fig swirls
  • Citrus biscotti
  • Trios - jam thumbprint cookies, but done as three small balls which bake together, filled with three different flavors of homemade jam - peach, strawberry and black&blue
  • Meringue stars - which failed. I think I had the required temps reversed. I chilled the egg whites and bowl, and they refused to whip up. Some research revealed that all is supposed to be room temperature instead (it's cream that does better cold). Doh! So I pitched these. I was mostly making them to use up egg whites from other recipes which used only yolks, so no big loss.
I'll make some no-bake cookies for husbeast to take to work on Wednesday closer to when they are needed.

Now I just need to get the ones that are being shipped packed up and ready to go out tomorrow, and the cookie extravaganza will be complete. I'm way more exhausted than I expected from all this. But it is really nice to have a plate of different cookies to have with my Silk Nog. ;)

Hope everyone is staying warm, it's crazy cold out there now!
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