Something Clever (digitaldurga) wrote,
Something Clever

Nice day at the Farmer's Market yesterday. I know you are all anxiously awaiting my report, so here you go!

It was a nice heavy box this time - more new potatoes, three huge yellow onions, a few green tomatoes, one really huge deeply curved asian cucumber (yes, we made pervy jokes about that one), nice deep red round beets with greens attached, another hunk of basil, and some mustard greens from the cool refugee agricultural project. But the real score was peaches. I got five or six perfectly ripe, wonderfully fragrant peaches. I will have one on my cereal this morning for breakfast. Mmmhmmm. From my extra work I got several gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and a bunch of pickling cucumbers. I want to make myself some relish. Also grabbed a little baggie of fresh chives and some Italian roasting peppers. Oh, and one skinny little deep purple eggplant.

Last week the cheese share was a gorgeous smooth Havarti and some seriously pungent blue cheese. I like the blue, although husbeast does not. :) I've been working it in little bits into things. A bit sprinkled on my scrambled eggs, a little tossed into my share of the pasta for dinner. Yum. Havarti is all gone. It did not last long at all. Delicious.

So, I still have a dozen eggs, and the blue cheese that himself does not want to eat. Lots of summer squash in various forms. I'm still pondering what to do as menu items this week. I have some thoughts, but still not sure, I'm open to suggestions! The beets will likely be a lunch for me one day.

Mustard/beet greens and potatoes and cornbread.
Purple stir fry - I'm debating this one. I have red cabbage from last week and the eggplant from this week, so I'm thinking they'd look cool together in something. And I have lots of summer squash still that can go into a stir fry.
BLTs and tomato soup
inevitable zuchinni fritatta w/ cucumber/tomato salad
hot pepper & fresh tomato pizza

What else sounds good with these ingredients?
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