Something Clever (digitaldurga) wrote,
Something Clever

Weekly harvest

Ok - so here's what I's got! 

Potatoes, basil, red cabbage (size of a volleyball!), Green Bell Peppers, yellow squash, green beans, more beets aaaaand.....Sweet Corn! 

I know, hard to believe there's corn already. I'm stoked. Cheese was a colby and a gouda. Mmmm..... and the standard dozen eggs of happiness.

Extras from working the market - red tomatoes, a white tomato, an asian melon (smells like honeydew), and lots of peaches.

And I got an armful of sunflowers. Literally a dozen stems I think. They were destined for the garbage, since many were losing petals and are generally a little "rougher" than can be sold. So they are in a vase prettying up the place. Pictures tomorrow when there's sunlight.

So what have I eaten this week? Shalimar mattar paneer and Thai Smile green curry. *sigh* Tomorrow, must cook.

Anyone have any good recipes for red cabbage? :D
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