Cookies - Day 2

Today Yesterday I turned out
  • Grandma Hartley's Fruitcake Cookies (actually, Great-Grandma for me)
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Crinkles
Doesn't look like much, but each of these recipes made eight dozen cookies. So it took a fairly long time to process those through the oven. And we went out to a friend's party in the evening. That turned out really well. I got to see several people from my old job that I was happy to catch up with. It's funny though, everyone has kids, so folks were leaving as early as 8pm. And by 11pm the party was over - everyone had already gone home and we were the last ones out the door.

Today I have all the cookies I was avoiding yesterday - the fig swirls, orange pistachio crescents and trios. I'll definitely get the trios done, those will be easy. But the other two require rolling/shaping and I always find that tiresome. I can never seem to get both the size and thickness the recipe calls for. If I get 1/3" deep, my rectangle is 7x9" instead of 7x12". I usually take it as an opportunity to embrace the imperfections in life and remind myself that cookies are delicious.

The trios only involve forming millions of tiny little balls. Irksome, but I can cope. I'll also get the ganache for the grasshoppers made and some no-bake cookies turned out. Oh, and the hot chocolate mix. That will take about 5 minutes in the food processor, so I'll work it in while something is baking. If I can pull it off I'll do a double batch of no-bakes, since husbeast needs to take some to his coworkers on Wed. That's mostly a matter of dwindling counter space. And hopefully I'll get two batches of meringue stars done. Those have to be last, since they bake for awhile on 200 degrees, then sit in the oven overnight to dry out. The recipe calls for three egg whites to make three different flavors, vanilla, chocolate and coffee. But I'm thinking about making a double batch of coffee and then dipping the bases in any leftover chocolate that I have.

Oh, and tonight we're going to see White Christmas at the dinner theater. I've never been, so I'm looking forward to it.

Cookie - the beginning

Accomplished today:
  • Half a vanilla bean scraped into 4 C. sugar for the hot chocolate mix. Needs to sit overnight.
  • Molasses Crinkles - whole batch baked - 4 dz. cookies. Quality control cookie rating - delicious, if a bit crispy for my particular tastes.
  • Brownie layer of Grasshopper squares - baked and in the fridge waiting for ganache layers. You know it's a serious brownie recipe when it starts with 10 oz of bittersweet chocolate (no more than 60% cacao if marked). ::snicker::
  • Five-Spice Gingersnaps - dough made and sitting in the fridge for the next day or so "to develop and meld flavors".
  • Fig Swirls - filling made. Smells like a Moroccan garden. Must not nom prior to rolling into cookie swirl of deliciousness.
  • Orange-Pistachio crescents - filling made. This involved making candied orange peel from scratch. Omg, I could eat this stuff all day. Resisting the urge since I think it will be triply delicious when mixed with pistachios and baked inside a cookie. Which is then coated with powdered sugar. Go big. Cookie baking is no place for wimps.
  • Rather delicious lentil stew done in the crockpot, so I didn't have to stress about dinner.

I should probably knock out a batch of no-bakes tonight as well. But my feet hurt and I want to play WoW. That list does not include all the cleaning that happened before, during and after the baking. The kitchen was basically spotless all the way through round three. Then I ran out of hot water. Amazing how the dishwasher, sink full of hot water and husbeast taking a shower just wiped out the water heater. Ah well, remaining sink full of dishes will soak overnight and be cleaned before tomorrow's adventures.
If I get motivated I'll take some pictures. ;) If nothing else I'll be sure to snap a shot of a finished basket for everyone to drool over.



I live a charmed life.

Know how I know? I was putting on my bra just now, reaching around behind my back, and I lost my grip on the hooks. The elastic did what elastic does, but instead of painfully snapping my finger/sides/arms, the band snapped into place. Perfectly. Seriously, both hooks, completely caught. What would normally be an "ow @^!#$! " hopping around moment instead was instead everything as it should be, like nothing went wrong at all.

That is all.

Carry on.

Durga sleeps in!

Yeah yeah yeah, stop laughing, I really did!

It went something like this - around 11pm last night I was in danger of face planting into my keyboard. I decided that this was ridiculous, I was going to bed, whether it was too early or not. So I crawl into bed, get my nightly cuddles and doze off. Morning comes and I hit snooze on husbeast's alarm until it's 7am, then poke and prod him until he gets up (don't you just love routines?) Then my alarm goes off a few times. I snooze it, snuggle back into the nest of pillows and blankets that I've made. I decide maybe I'm just going to spend the day in bed. I have a week to write this last paper, I can take one day to just rest, right? One of the cats agrees with me, he snuggles into my chest, purring and occasionally swiping at my face to wake me up just enough to keep my hand moving. I listen to the alarm (far away) telling me traffic and weather, occasionally playing Christmas songs. Blissfully after an hour it turns itself off and I sleep.

I wake up later, no cat. I wonder what time it is, thinking to myself Wow! I slept the day away! Watch it be like 2pm or something crazy like that. Wouldn't that be awesome? 14 hours of sleep? Mmmm... I snuggle back into my nest and consider the possibilities. But the endlessly rational part of my brain just had to chime in "You really think so? Then how come your bladder isn't ready to burst? Why aren't you starving? Get over it, you can't sleep in." I was placating: "Ok, ok, you're right, but it can still be a lot later than I normally get up! Like, 11am maybe?" I just laughed at myself.

I had to prove the snarky part of myself wrong, so I rolled over and looked at the clock. 9:30am.

Ah well, I did sleep in a whole hour past when I normally get out of bed, so there! :p


This really is the best rick roll ever:

Yes, they really did rickroll the parade. This made me happy.



I just came home to a boxful of Icelandic sweets! a huge bag of assorted gummies (fruit, dinasours and licorice fish), strips of old fashioned licorice, chocolate covered raisins and a box of fancy chocolates. Yum!!
(yes, I do like licorice, get over it!)

Since I spent most of the day reading it...

I thought I'd share.

This felt like my school reading for the day, but it is an incredibly thoughtful article on love, sex, polyamory and monogamy as social structures. It's long, but if you take the time to read it you'll have a much better sense of the issues, language and thought processes involved in these sorts of discussions. Which I find incredibly handy. Let me know if you read it, and what you think.